Package org.gicentre.handy

Main package for creating a handy renderer


Class Summary
HandyDraw Wrapper around a HandyRenderer that allows Handy drawing to be turned on or off inside a sketch without having to change any of the sketch's drawing commands.
HandyPresets Set of static classes for creating preset handy styles, such as pencil sketch, ink and watercolour, 'Sharpie' style etc.
HandyRenderer The renderer that draws graphic primitives in a sketchy style.
Simplifier Performs Douglas-Peucker simplification on linear coordinate collections.
Version Stores version information about the Handy sketchy drawing package.

Package org.gicentre.handy Description

Main package for creating a handy renderer

This package includes the main classes for creating a handy renderer. Includes classes for producing rectangular hachures and for simplifying polylines.

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