Inserting a Frequency Analysis Case 

This task will show you how to insert a Frequency Analysis Case using the CATPart document called sample01.CATPart.

Creating a frequency analysis case means that you will analyze the dynamic boundary conditions  of the CATAnalysis document.


Before you begin:
Remember that we use the Materials view mode. If needed, go to View -> Render Style -> Customize View option from the toolbar and activate the Materials option from the displayed Custom View Modes dialog box.


1. Select Insert -> Frequency Case from the menu bar.
The Frequency Case dialog box appears with the possibility to either use the existing Analysis case as Reference or create a Frequency case with New feature.

2. Click OK.

A new Analysis solution and the standard structure of Analysis specification tree is displayed.



The Finite Element Model contains a Frequency Case, which contains empty Restraints and Masses object sets, along with an empty Frequency Case Solution.1 object set.  

Remember that if you selected Start->Analysis & Simulation -> New Generative Analysis from a CATPart document containing the part without any material, the material library will appear directly for an easy material selection.



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