Tritangent Fillet

The creation of tritangent fillets involves the removal of one of the three faces selected.

This task shows how to create a tritangent fillet.

You need three faces two of which are supporting faces.

Open the TritangentFillet1.CATPart document.

1.  Click the Tritangent Fillet icon  .

The Tritangent Fillet Definition dialog box appears.

2.  Select the faces to be filleted. 
3.  Select the face to be removed, that is the upper face. The fillet will be tangent to this face.

This face appears in dark red.

Optionally, click Preview to see the fillet to be created.
You can trim tritangent fillets to a plane, face or surface. To do so, expand the dialog box and click the Limiting element field.
  4. Select Plane.2 as the trimming element.

An arrow appears on the plane to indicate the portion of material that will be kept. Clicking this arrow reverses the direction and therefore indicates the opposite portion of material.

 5. Click OK.

The faces are filleted. The fillet is trimmed to Plane.2.

The creation of this fillet is indicated in the specification tree.


ainfo.gif (980 bytes)

Multiselecting three faces then clicking the Tritangent Fillet icon tells the application to remove the third face.
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