Groups, Representations, and Cohomology- Isle of Skye, 19-26 June, 2015

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland

19-26 June, 2015

Social Activities

Whisky Tasting, Tuesday 23 of June, evening

Whisky making (and drinking) is an age old tradition in Scotland. This land produces some of the best whiskies in the world.

Cost: 10-15 pounds. The final price will depend on number of people who participate - the more people, the lower the cost and the more types of whiskies to taste! Payment on-site.

Conference Excursion, Wednesday 24 of June, afternoon

A walk around the famously beautiful Isle of Skye. The actual length and location of walk will depend on the weather. Please understand that the weather in Skye is very changeable and the terrain is not always smooth, so please bring sturdy walking shoes and suitable clothing.

Free of charge. Please write to Markus at if you have any questions.

Conference Dinner, Thursday 25 of June, evening

Please let the organisers know by email if you wish to join us in the conference dinner and any dietary requirements.

Cost: 32 pounds. Can be paid online or in cash on-site.