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Office A205

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Short Biography

Dr Christos Kloukinas is a Reader (equivalent to an Associate Professor in the USA) at the Department of Computer Science and member of the Research Centre for Adaptive Computer Systems and Machine Learning.

Christos holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science (1994) and an M.Sc. degree in Parallel & Distributed Systems (1997), both from the University of Crete at Heraklion, Greece. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in Informatics (2002) from the University of Rennes 1, France.

Before joining City University London, Christos worked as a programmer at ICS-FoRTH (Heraklion, Greece) and as a researcher at the PLEIADES - Parallel & Distributed Systems Laboratory of ICS-FoRTH, the Solidor research project of IRISA (Rennes, France), the Arles research project of INRIA-Rocquencourt (Paris, France) and the Verimag research laboratory (Grenoble, France).


Christos' principal research interests are in the area of software engineering and embedded systems, focusing in the development of methods and tools for the analysis, fine-grain control, optimisation and implementation of mission-critical and safety-critical, hard real-time embedded systems.
Also interested in Software Architectures and Security.

While at City Christos has been/is currently involved as an investigator in the AERAS (2019/12-2023/11), Smart-Bear (2019/9-2023/8), CyberSure (2017/1-2020/12), Toreador (2016/1-2018/12), IoT@Work (2010/6-2013/6), SLA@SOI (2008/6-2011/7), Serenity (2006/1-2008/12), Pepers (2006/1-2008/6), and SeCSE (2004/10-2007/9) research projects.

Before joining City, Christos was an investigator in the OMEGA (2002/12-2005/2), AMETIST (2002/4-2005/6), DSoS (2000/4-2003/3), C3DS (1998/1-2000/12), Lydia (1994/4-1997/3), and MLT (1989/4-1993/3) European research projects, in the Expresso French RNTL research project and in the TinAster (France Telecom R&D) and ANACONDA (STMicroelectronics) industry-funded research projects.

Scheme/Course Directorship

Christos has been the Programme Director of the MSc in Software Engineering with Cloud Computing since January 2005 and during 2005–2006 he was also the Programme Director of the MSc in Electronic Business Systems (that is no longer offered).
He has also served for a number of years (2008-2014) as the Scheme Director for the Technical Scheme of Postgraduate Courses, which includes the following Msc courses currently:

Prospective applicants may also want to consider one of our other MSc courses at the Department of Computer Science as well.

Back in February 25, 2009, Christos had his 15 minutes of fame, when Graduate Prospects run an article featuring the MSc in Software Engineering course at City University London.


Christos has taught an introductory module on Software Engineering (UG1), C++ (UG2, UG3, MSc), Concurrency (UG2, UG3, MSc), Distributed Systems (UG2, UG3), and has delivered two short courses on Real-Time Java (IN2P3/CNRS 2003 and ECI 2012) - the material can be accessed freely from the links at the left column (for current courses, due to an unfortunate server attack).


PhD students:
  • Ms Qiqi Su, working on Explainable AI for Medical Prognosis.

MSc students (some notable cases):
  • Mr Alexandros Achillefs, who developed a model-checker for the BPEL language, based on the SPIN model-checker.
  • Mr Bhesh Thapa, who extended the message reception in the SPIN model-checker so that it supports generic conditions on the message contents.
  • Ms Fatine Tazi, who updated the Xcd language translator to SPIN.
BSc students (some notable cases):
  • Mr Salem Benkhelfa, who used the Xcd language to express a number of OO Design Patterns.
  • Mr Stewart Cope, who extended Firefox so one can organise and search bookmarks using user-specified tags.

Other Professional Activities

Christos has served in a number of programme committees, e.g., IASTED-SE06/07/08/10/11, ICESS-07, in the Posters and Research Demonstrations Committee of RE-09 and the Publicity Chair of the SEKE 2006 international conference.

Christos has also served as a reviewer/sub-reviewer for a number of conferences and journals, e.g., CAV04, DATE03/04/05, ECRTS04, EMSOFT04, EW02, FIDJI03, ICSE03, RTAS04, RV04, TACAS03, and WADS03 conferences, or ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, Elsevier Journal of Software and Systems, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, and Technique et Science Informatiques - Hermès Science.