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Peter Willetts is introduced to Kofi Annan at the World Civil Society Forum

This is a legacy page for the teaching programme established by Centre for International Politics in the School of Social Science, in 2005. The other pages on this website are still being updated and can be accessed via the links in the navigation table on the right.


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City University, Undergraduate Courses on International Politics

A new Centre for International Politics has been established in the Department of Sociology at City University and it has launched new single honours and joint honours BSc degrees in International Politics. The first students started their degrees in September 2005. The first Second Year teaching will start in September 2006 and Third Year teaching in September 2007. In addition, the International Politics modules are available to other students in the School of Social Science.

Our pioneering approach to international politics offers a syllabus for understanding globalisation and international politics in the twenty-first century that differs from traditional international relations degrees in three important ways:

A degree in international politics can lead to a wide range of careers, including the diplomatic service, central and local government, non-governmental organisations, the media and business.


BSc in International Politics (Single Honours)
UCAS code L240

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BSc in Sociology and International Politics (Joint Honours)
UCAS code LL23

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    BSc in Sociology (Single Honours)
First Year Sociology students may take one International Politics module in each term as an option  
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Visiting American Junior Year Abroad, Occasional Students

    Students visiting City University for one or two semesters may take the available International Politics modules       click here

City University, MA Programme in Human Rights

City University, PhD research degrees in Global Politics

Materials on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)     -     click here

Research Project on Civil Society Networks in Global Governance

From October 2000 until September 2002, Peter Willetts was on research leave, to work as part of the Globalisation and Poverty Research Programme of the Department for International Development. His contribution, under the title Civil Society Networks in Global Governance was on the analysis of NGO participation in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the Global Environment Facility. The creation of this website was part of the project.

Materials on the United Nations     -     click here

Home Page for the South Atlantic Council     -     click here

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