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“NGOs as Insider Participants:
Evolution of the role of NGOs at the United Nations”

Contribution to Elgar Handbook of Research on NGOs
Edited by Aynsley Kellow and Hannah Murphy-Gregory, (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, September 2018), 488 pp, Hardback £150.00; EE Web Order £135.00
      Updates my previous work on NGOs at the UN, by outlining the increase in the number of NGOs, the changes in the types of NGOs being accredited and the breakthrough in gaining access to the General Assembly, through the new format of “Hearings”.

This Handbook is focused on NGOs and global politics. It opens with a section on the history of NGOs, their role in intergovernmental organisations and problems in studying NGOs systematically. The second section covers the activities of NGOs in eight different policy areas. The final section discusses seven issues from accountability, global governance and religion, to problems in China and the EU, and going global in private governance and the professions.
      The Elgar On-Line website offers a full list of the contributors, their chapter titles and a brief description of the contents of each chapter.   (If the information does not appear, click on the “Table of Contents” button.)



Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics:
The Construction of Global Governance

(London: Routledge, Global Institutions Series, 2011)
Publisher's price: paperback £24.99; hardback £110.00; e-book £24.99


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Research Project on Civil Society Networks in Global Governance

From October 2000 until September 2002, Peter Willetts was on research leave, to work as part of the Globalisation and Poverty Research Programme of the Department for International Development. His contribution, under the title Civil Society Networks in Global Governance was on the analysis of NGO participation in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the Global Environment Facility. The creation of this website was part of the project.

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