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The South Atlantic Council was formed in December 1983, in the aftermath of the Falklands / Malvinas conflict, with the aim of improving relations between Britain, Argentina and the Islanders.

Its membership is composed of up to fifty UK citizens, drawn from parliament, academia, business, the media, the law, diplomacy and the churches.

The Council

  • seeks to influence policy-makers and opinion leaders, and to stimulate informed public debate;
  • has contributed to the restoration of diplomatic relations and contact within civil society, through the holding of a series of Argentine-British Conferences;
  • has published a series of Occasional Papers to provide background political analysis and to generate discussion about options for the future of the Islands; and
  • has facilitated discussion, both at the Council's own meetings and at other events, among politicians and officials from Argentina, Britain and the Islands.

The Council is independent and does not collectively take a position on what settlement to the dispute should be adopted, except that it should be acceptable to the three parties.

This website is intended to contribute to this process of promoting communication and understanding. None of the web pages, except the Home Page and the About Us pages, are endorsed by the South Atlantic Council. All views expressed, including those in the SAC Occasional Papers, are those of the individual authors. Similarly, the publication of documents does not imply that any of their contents are endorsed by the Council.





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