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The South Atlantic: Looking Ahead

The Programme for a Conference organised by the South Atlantic Council
At the University of Westminster on 15 April 2011

Chairman: Lord Roper
Convenor: Dr Celia Szusterman

A wide range of people were invited, each with some special knowledge of the relations between the Argentines, the British and the Islanders. Participants included Argentine and British diplomats, senior British defence staff, former governors of the Islands, Argentine and British academics, members of the SAC and members of the Falkland Islands Association. Each panel started with the presentations and then there was a general discussion, with questions and comments from the audience. No attempt was made to formulate any joint statement. Each contribution solely represented the views of the individual speaker.

The text of some of the presentations is available   –   click here

Panel 1: Sovereignty

Sir Robin Christopher   –   British Sovereignty over the Falkland Islands

Vicente Palermo   –   Falkland/Malvians: Re-Thinking Argentine Policy

Alastair Forsyth   –   The UN Decolonisation Committee and Self-Determination

Richard Gott   –   Lease-Back: The Only Solution

Panel 2: Defence and Security

Professor Gwyn Prins   –   What the Falkland War can teach us about Grand Strategy today

Chris Donnelly   –   Alternative Organisational Models for Effective Defence

Panel 3: Energy, the Environment and the Antarctic

Professor Alan Riley   –   Energy Security of the United Kingdom

Dr Robert Headland   –   Conservation and Exploitation in the Southern Ocean: Ancient and Modern

Roger Cartwright   –   Exploring for Oil: Considerations and Challenges

Panel 4: Looking Ahead

Howard Pearce   –   Management of Argentine-British Relations

Ambassador Fernando Petrella   –   The Emerging Global Context: New Opportunities

Dr John Hughes   –   Latin American Perspectives: Are they Important?





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