Creating a Distributed Force Load

This task will show you how to distribute on a face of your part a resultant force. You will create a Distributed Force on a Finite Element Model containing a Static Analysis Case.


1. Select the Loads.1 object in the specification tree to make it active.

2. Select the Distributed Force icon  .

The Distributed Force dialog box appears.

You will distribute on a face of your part a resultant force of 50N parallel to the global z-direction applied at the centroid of the face. For this:

3. Enter -50N value in Z  field (Force Vector).

The resultant Force Vector Norm field is automatically updated. 

4. Select the part face as indicated below.

A symbol (arrow) representing the Distributed Force is displayed.

5. Press OK in the Distributed Force dialog box to create the Distributed Force.

The Distributed Force.1 object has been inserted under the Loads.1 objects set in the specification tree.


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