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Peter Willetts, Professor of Global Politics


Selected Documents and Speeches on Global Politics

Each collection is intended to be a useful archive of some important primary materials. The author apologises that there is no systematic basis for what is included or omitted. The choice is determined by teaching and research priorities. The text of the documents has not been amended, but usually some copy-editing of the lay-out has been done.
      In any use of these materials, please acknowledge the source as being


Documents and Speeches on the Politics of International Economics

Covers some items on world trade issues and on international finance that are not available or not obvious on the official World Trade Organisation, World Bank or International Monetary Fund websites.  click here.

Documents on Human Rights

A small number of the most important UN resolution and conventions.  click here.

Documents on the United Nations

The United Nations Charter, a list of UN members and links to various index pages on the UN website.  click here.

General Assembly and Security Council resolutions in September 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks on the USA, including Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) that seeks to control international financial flows.  click here.

Security Council Resolution 1441 (2002), other documents and speeches on the Iraq crisis.  click here.

Northern Ireland

Tony Blair's speech, Finding a way through the crisis, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, 17 October 2002.  click here.



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