Class XmlIO

  extended byjwo.landserf.process.io.FileIO
      extended byjwo.landserf.process.io.XmlIO

public class XmlIO
extends FileIO

Contains a collection of static methods for reading and writing various XML format files.

2.2, 5th December 2004.
Jo Wood

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          There should be no need to call the constructor explicitly since all methods are static.
Method Summary
static VectorMap readMasterMapVector(String fileName, GISFrame gisFrame, LSThread lsThread)
          Attempts to read an Ordnance Survey MasterMap XML file (vector format).
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Constructor Detail


public XmlIO()
There should be no need to call the constructor explicitly since all methods are static.

Method Detail


public static VectorMap readMasterMapVector(String fileName,
                                            GISFrame gisFrame,
                                            LSThread lsThread)
Attempts to read an Ordnance Survey MasterMap XML file (vector format).

fileName - Name of file to read.
gisFrame - Frame in which to report results.
lsThread - Thread which called this method (allows it to be interrupted). Can be null if no external interruption allowed.
VectorMap holding contents of file, or null if problems reading.

Copyright Jo Wood, 1996-2005, last modified, 11th March, 2005