LandSerf 2.2 API documentation

jwo.landserf Parent package that contains 'starter' and logging classes for LandSerf.
jwo.landserf.gui Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's Graphical User Interface (GUI).
jwo.landserf.gui3d Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's 3d viewing user interface.
jwo.landserf.process Classes that perform significant analytical or processing tasks.
jwo.landserf.process.gps Package for representing abstracted GPS functionality.
jwo.landserf.process.gps.garmin Package for representing Garmin GPS functionality. Classes that perform file input/output operations.
jwo.landserf.process.proj Classes that perform map projection operations and store useful ellipsoid constants.
jwo.landserf.structure Classes that represent data structures for storing spatial and non-spatial information.
jwo.landserf.structure.msn Classes that represent Metric Surface Networks.
jwo.utils A collection of miscellaneous utility classes.
jwo.utils.dbase Classes for handling dBase files.
jwo.utils.expression Classes for evaluating mathematical and regular expressions.
jwo.utils.gifutils Classes for handling the creation of GIF image files.
jwo.utils.gui General classes for easy and consistent GUI production.
jwo.utils.gui.html Classes for creating improved HTML handling in GUI components.
jwo.utils.structure A collection of classes for representing commonly used data structures.
jwo.utils.xml A collection of classes for hamdling XML files.


Copyright Jo Wood, 1996-2005, last modified, 11th March, 2005