Package jwo.landserf.structure

Classes that represent data structures for storing spatial and non-spatial information.


Interface Summary
SpatialModel Identifies minimum state and behaviour of all spatial models.

Class Summary
AttributeTable Represents a set of attributes that can be associated with a spatial model.
AttributeTableModel Wraps an attribute table to provide links to a GUI component that requires an AbstractTableModel (e.g JTable).
ColourRule Colour rule class for storing a single colour rule.
ColourTable Colour table class for storing colour rules associated with a spatial object.Each colour rule consists of two indices and associated RGBA colour values.
DelaunayTriang Creates and stores a Delaunay triangulation.
Edge Stores a 2d topological directional edge used for connecting 2d or higher dimensional features.
FeatureAxis Class for storing a feature axis.
Footprint Class for defining the spatial footprint of an object.
GISVector Models a GIS vector object such as a single point, line or area.
Header Stores general header information about a document.
Node Stores a topological node and pointer to an edge for higher dimensional features.
Quadratic Class for fitting a Quadratic surface through a local window of values.
RasterMap Models a GIS raster map.
RastHeader Deprecated. Should use Header and RasterMap.
Segment Stores a directional 2d straight line segment.
SpatialObject Class for defining spatial objects.
Triangle Stores a topological triangle.
VectHeader Deprecated. Should use Header and VectorMap.
VectorMap A collection of GIS vectors that model object boundaries.
VectorObject Deprecated. Should use GISVector.

Package jwo.landserf.structure Description

Classes that represent data structures for storing spatial and non-spatial information.

This package includes the main classes for storing spatial objects. Raster maps are represented with the RasterMap class. Vector maps are represented with the VectorMap class and are composed of collections of GISVectors representing individual points, lines and areas.

All spatial objects implement the SpatialModel interface. For convenience, most inherit the SpatialObject class, which contains some default spatial comparison behaviour. Simple spatial locations can be stored in the Footprint class. See Java Programming for Spatial Sciences for more details on the spatial model design.

Other classes are used for storing various structures for triangulation (DelaunayTriang, Edge and Node) and multi-scale analysis (Quadratic).

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