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No. 14

Delimitation of the Argentine Continental Shelf
By Peter Willetts, Emeritus Professor of Global Politics,
City, University of London

May 2016





Web Page Redirection

This paper has been updated. The new version is available as a PDF file or a web page.

A Note on the Update in September 2016

After this paper was first published in May 2016, the Chilean government submitted a Note Verbale to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf that was published on its website. This provided the text of an agreement reached, at the initiative of the Australian government in late 2004, by the seven Antarctic claimant states. Consequently, a new section, The Antarctic Claimants Decide to Act Jointly has been added to the paper. Thereafter, references to the “Australian text” have been changed to the “text agreed by the Antarctic claimants” or some similar wording. Finally, the point that Argentina broke this agreement has been made.

In addition, the updated version makes a correction to distinguish between the area within the Antarctic Circle and the larger area covered by the Antarctic Treaty.

Several footnotes have had supplementary references added, notably to include more links to documents in Spanish.



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