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South Atlantic Council Occasional Papers

Papers 1-10 were first distributed as paper copies. They are now being made available as web pages, Word documents or PDF docs, as indicated by links below.
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Title and Author


Delimitation of the Argentine Continental Shelf
P. Willetts, May 2016, updated Sept 2016    –   Short Summary
HTM                     PDF        
British Perspectives on the Falklands Dispute
R. Wallis, November 2013
HTM                     PDF        
A Report on the Referendum on the Political Status of the Falkland Islands
P. Willetts, June 2013       –       Revised Press Release,       Abstract
Explanation of Corrections Made, 12 July 2013
HTM                     PDF        
Distributed Sovereignty and the Falklands Islands (Malvinas) Dispute
P. Willetts, June 2012       –       Press Release       Abstract
HTM                     PDF        
The Falkland Islands Update: A Record of Proceedings
P.Willetts (ed.), August 1998
HTM         Word                    
Contrasting Approaches to Relations between the Falklands, Britain and Argentina
P.Willetts (ed.), February 1998
HTM         Word                    
Commercial Relations between Britain and Argentina in the 1990s
A. Tabbush, June 1997
HTM         Word                    
Argentine-British Trade and the South Atlantic Conflict
A. Tabbush, August 1989
HTM         Word         PDF        
Peronism Today
C. Szusterman, May 1989
HTM         Word         PDF        
Shared Sovereignty: A Solution for the Falklands/Malvinas Dispute
M. Dent, March 1989
HTM         Word         PDF        
Fishing in the South-West Atlantic
P. Willetts, March 1988
HTM         Word         PDF        
"The Patagonian Shelf Fishing Grounds"
Map from p. 3
HTM                 PDF        
"The FICZ and its relationship to Exclusive Economic Zones"
Map from p. 19
HTM                 PDF        
The Aland Island Solution
D. J. Bullock and C. Mitchell, March 1987
HTM         Word         PDF        
British Defence Policy and the South Atlantic
Gen. Sir Hugh Beech, May 1986
HTM         Word         PDF        
Options in the Falklands/Malvinas Dispute
B. George MP and W. Little, 1985 (out of print)
HTM         Word         PDF        

Other Papers of Interest

From the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

Prospects for a Settlement of the Falklands/Malvinas Dispute.
An Analysis of Public Opinion in Britain and Argentina

Peter Willetts and Filipe Noguera, Occasional Paper No. 4, March 1992
Ripe for Contribution? The Falklands-Malvina War and the Utility of Problem-Solving Workshops
Christopher Mitchell, Working Paper No. 15, August 2000

Ordering the Occasional Papers

If you wish to obtain paper copies of any of the first ten in the SAC series of Occasional Papers, please e-mail Peter Willetts. The address is at the bottom of this page.

For further publications from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, on conflict resolution activities in relation to other conflicts,     click here.






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