Basic Tasks

The Generative Drafting workbench provides a simple method to create and modify views on a predefined sheet. You may also add, modify and/or delete dressup and 2D elements to these views. All this is performed on a sheet which may include a frame and a title block and will eventually be printed.

Note that you may work on DXF imported files. These files will then be exported.


When opening a CATDrawing document sample using the http mode, make sure the application associated to the file type is defined on the server.

In other words, in the Internet Explorer address field you must see "http://...".


Before You Begin, make sure you customize the following settings:
  1. Grid:
    De-activate the Grid icon from the Tools toolbar (bottom right).
  2. View names and scaling factors:
    Go to Tools->Options (Mechanical Design -> Drafting option at the left of the dialog box, Layout tab) and un-check the View name and Scaling factor options.


The Command (and Option) Board is provided as a useful help for easily knowing about, and finding out, toolbar icons and properties.

Creating a New Drawing
Opening a CATDrawing Document
Exporting and Importing Files
View Modification
Generating Dimensions
Dressup Elements
2D Geometry
Saving & Printing a Document