Creating a Quick Detail View / Quick Detail View Profile

This task will show you how to quickly create a detail view using either a circle as callout or a sketched profile. In this particular case, we create a quick detail view using a sketched profile as we create this detail view from an oblong part. Note that for creating a detail view using a circle, the dialog is exactly the same.

A detail view is a partial generated view that shows only what is necessary in the clear description of the object. Note that, the Quick Detail view command computes the view directly from the 2D projection whereas the Detail view command uses a Boolean operator from the 3D. The representation is therefore different.



Before You Begin, make sure you customized the following settings:

De-activate the Grid icon from the Tools toolbar (bottom right).

View names and scaling factors:
Go to Tools->Options ->Mechanical Design -> Drafting option (Layout tab) and check the View name and Scaling factor options.

3D colors inheritance
Go to Tools->Options->Mechanical Design->Drafting option (Generation tab) and un-check the 3D colors inheritance option.



Open the GenDrafting_isometric_view.CATDrawing document.


1. Click the Drawing window and click the Quick Detail View Profile icon from the Views toolbar (Details subtoolbar).

If you create a detail view using a sketched profile, you will click the Quick Detail View icon I_DrwQuickDetailViewP2.gif (254 bytes).

2. Select  the points required for sketching a polygon.

3. Double click to end the cutting profile creation.

Note that you do not necessarily need to close the profile. If so, the profile will  automatically be closed.



4. Click to generate the quick detail view.

Unlike in the case of a detail view (I_DetailProfileP2.gif (289 bytes)), the boundary is entirely closed. You can modify this detail view boundary (Properties dialog box).


The default scale is 2 (twice the scale of the active view). You can modify this scale. For this, right-click the detail view and select the Properties option from the contextual menu, View tab. Enter the desired Parameters Scale and then click OK in this Properties dialog box.
You can insert Bill of Material information into the active view.
You can assign a line type to the view to be generated. For this, go to Tools -> Options -> Drafting (Generation tab), click the linetype switch button and select the desired option from the Linetype for some views dialog box.


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