Basic Tasks

The basic tasks you will perform in the Wireframe and Surface workbench are mainly the creation of wireframe and surface geometry you will use to build your part design.

This section will explain and illustrate how to create and manage various kinds of wireframe and surface geometry.

Creating Wireframe Geometry
Creating Surfaces
Performing Operations
Using Tools

When creating a geometric element, you often need to select other elements as inputs. When selecting a sketch as the input element, some restrictions apply, depending on the feature you are creating. 

You should avoid selecting self-intersecting  sketches as well as sketches containing heterogeneous elements such as a curve and a point for example. 

However, the following elements accept sketches containing non connex elements (i.e. presenting gaps between two consecutive elements) as inputs, provided they are of the same type (homogeneous, i.e. two curves, or two points):

Extruded surfaces
Surfaces of revolution
Joined surfaces
Split surfaces
Trimmed surfaces
All transformations: translation, rotation, symmetry, scaling, affinity and axis to axis.