Class GPSImportBox

  extended byjava.awt.Component
      extended byjava.awt.Container
          extended byjava.awt.Window
              extended byjava.awt.Dialog
                  extended byjavax.swing.JDialog
                      extended byjwo.utils.gui.JWDialogue
                          extended byjwo.landserf.gui.GPSImportBox
All Implemented Interfaces:
Accessible, ActionListener, EventListener, GPSRouteListener, GPSTrackListener, GPSTransferListener, GPSWaypointListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, RootPaneContainer, Runnable, Serializable, WindowConstants

public class GPSImportBox
extends JWDialogue
implements ActionListener, GPSWaypointListener, GPSTrackListener, GPSRouteListener, Runnable

Allows GPS waypoint, route and track data to be imported into LandSerf as vector objects.

2.2, 20th August, 2004.
Jo Wood.
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Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
GPSImportBox(GPS gps, GISFrame gisFrame)
          Displays available datasets from the given GPS for download.
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event)
          Responds to a button press by downloading the requested data or by setting/clearing the waypoint checkboxes.
 void closedown()
          Removes all GPS listeners before closing window.
 VectorMap getSelectedGPSData()
          Returns a Vector map containing all the selected GPS objects (waypoints, routes and tracks).
 void routeReceived(GPSRoute route)
          Handles the receipt of a route header from the GPS.
 void run()
          Starts the GPS download as a threaded process.
 void trackReceived(GPSTrack track)
          Handles the receipt of a track packet from the GPS.
 void transferComplete(int commandID)
          Called when the transfer to/from GPS is complete.
 void transferStarted(int number)
          Called when a transfer to/from GPS is initiated.
 void waypointReceived(GPSWaypoint wp)
          Handles the receipt of a waypoint from the GPS.
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Constructor Detail


public GPSImportBox(GPS gps,
                    GISFrame gisFrame)
Displays available datasets from the given GPS for download.

gps - GPS from which data will be extracted. A connection to this GPS must have previously been established, most probably though the GPSConfigBox.
gisFrame - Frame from which dialogue was called.
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Method Detail


public void closedown()
Removes all GPS listeners before closing window.

closedown in class JWDialogue


public void run()
Starts the GPS download as a threaded process.

Specified by:
run in interface Runnable


public void waypointReceived(GPSWaypoint wp)
Handles the receipt of a waypoint from the GPS. This might be a single waypoint, or a waypoint stored as part of a route.

Specified by:
waypointReceived in interface GPSWaypointListener
wp - Waypoint information from the GPS.


public void trackReceived(GPSTrack track)
Handles the receipt of a track packet from the GPS.

Specified by:
trackReceived in interface GPSTrackListener
track - Track information from the GPS.


public void routeReceived(GPSRoute route)
Handles the receipt of a route header from the GPS.

Specified by:
routeReceived in interface GPSRouteListener
route - Route information from the GPS.


public void transferStarted(int number)
Called when a transfer to/from GPS is initiated.

Specified by:
transferStarted in interface GPSTransferListener
number - The of data packets that are about be transferred, e.g. the number of waypoints. If it is not possible to tell how many data packets will be transferred, -1 is returned.


public void transferComplete(int commandID)
Called when the transfer to/from GPS is complete.

Specified by:
transferComplete in interface GPSTransferListener
commandID - ID of command that has been completed.


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event)
Responds to a button press by downloading the requested data or by setting/clearing the waypoint checkboxes.

Specified by:
actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
event - Action event representing button press.


public VectorMap getSelectedGPSData()
Returns a Vector map containing all the selected GPS objects (waypoints, routes and tracks). Will use the coordinate system selected via the GUI. This method will reproject the data so should not be called unecessarily.

Selected GPS data as a vector map.

Copyright Jo Wood, 1996-2005, last modified, 11th March, 2005