Package jwo.landserf.gui

Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Interface Summary
ColourEditListener Listens out for dynamic changes in a colour table.
FootprintListener Interface for objects that need to be informed of a spatial footprint at runtime.
GISFrame Interface for windows that contol GIS raster surfaces and vector maps.
RubberbandListener Interface for objects that need to be updated when a rubberband box has been created.

Class Summary
AboutBox Displays general information about LandSerf (version, author etc.)
AttributeSelectionBox Creates a dialogue box for selecting attribute types to be retrieved from a file.
AttributeTableBox Creates a dialogue for displaying and editing attribute tables.
BinarySizeBox Creates a dialogue box for identifying binary word and cell sizes.
BlendBox Creates a dialogue box for setting raster blending proportions.
BlockGraph Displays a block graph (nominal categories on Y axis) in a canvas.
ColourBar Creates a colour bar to represent colour tables.
ColourChooseBox Allows a spatial object's colour table to be edited either graphically or numerically .
CombineBox Creates a window allowing two spatial objects to be combined.
ContourBox Creates a window allowing surface contouring options to be specified.
DemToTinBox Creates a window for setting DEM to TIN transformation parameters.
DigitizeBox Allows vector screen ditization to take place including the user selection of object type (POINT, LINE, AREA) and object attribute.
EditBox Displays spatial model information (bounding area, resolution, title, notes etc) and allows selective editing of values.
FeatureTolBox Creates a dialogue box allowing feature extraction tolerances to be set.
GISFrameAdapter An abstract adapter class for creating GISFrames.
GPSConfigBox Creates a window allowing GPS connected via serial ports to be detected and selected.
GPSExportBox Allows vector data to be exported into a GPS as waypoint and/or route data.
GPSImportBox Allows GPS waypoint, route and track data to be imported into LandSerf as vector objects.
GraphicsArea Panel for the displaying and graphical querying of spatial objects.
GUIFrame Creates the main GUI window for controlling LandSerf.
HistoBox Displays a frequency histogram or hammock plot from a raster.
Histogram Displays a histogram (commonly a frequency histogram or hammock plot.
LineGraph Displays a line graph in a canvas.
LSFileChooser Creates a customised file chooser with appropriate filters and iconic representation of files.
MultiScaleBox Creates a dialogue box allowing surface parameter and scale to be selected for multi-scale interrogation and analysis.
PeakClassificationBox Creates a window allowing peak classification parameters to be entered.
PolarGraph Displays a line graph in polar coordinates.
PrintAssembly Displays current LandSerf view with details of the displayed objects.
ProfileQueryBox Displays a profile across a raster surface either by interactive query from the mouse or along a selected GISVector object.
ProjectionEditBox Creates a window allowing projection parameters to be edited.
RasterStatsBox Calculates and displays summary and spatial statistics of the primary raster stored in the GISFrame.
RectifyBox Creates a dialogue for entering georectification contol points
RelativeDropBox Creates a window allowing a relative drop threshold for feature classification to be entered.
ReprojectBox Creates a window allowing spatial objects to be reprojected using a selected map projection.
ResolutionBox Creates a dialogue box for selection of raster resolution.
ScaleGraphBox Allows results of a multiscale interactive query of a raster to be displayed.
Scatterplot Displays a scatterplot and optional trend line.
ScatterplotBox Displays a scatterplot comparing the primary and secondary rasters stored in a GISFrame.
ShadeReliefBox Creates a dialogue box for setting shaded relief paramers.
SimpleGISFrame A simple implementation of a GISFrame for small footprint GUIs that need to take advantage of GISFrame functionality.
SplashScreen Creates a spalsh screen to entertain viewer while LandSerf initialises.
SurfParamBox Creates a dialogue box allowing surface parameters to be selected (slope, aspect etc.)
Thumbnail Small panel for displaying thumbnail versions of spatial objects.
ThumbnailViewer Creates a vertical panel for viewing spatial thumbnails.
TimeSpaceBox Creates a window allowing urban time-space parameters to be set.
TransRastBox Creates a window allowing raster values to be transformed.
VectAppearanceBox Allows vector appearance to be controlled.
WindowScaleBox Creates a dialogue box allowing window scale parameters to be set.

Package jwo.landserf.gui Description

Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The main GUI window represented by GUIFrame. This contains all menu and toolbar controls, the thumbnail views, main display area and status/progress display areas. To create your own custom GUI, you should implement a GISFrame class that will be expected by many other classes. This holds the spatial object for processing. An empty implementation of a GISFrame is provided by the GISFrameAdapter class and a simple GUI is provided by the SimpleGISFrame class.

Most dialogue window classes are named somethingBox and inherit jwo.utils.gui.JWDialogue. These can be modal or non-modal. For non-modal dialogues that need a response from GUIFrame, use the delegated listener idom (for example, FootprintListener).

The main display area is handled by GraphicsArea that is used for the display and query of raster and vector maps.

The thumbnail view of all spatial objects stored by GUIFrame is handled by ThumbnailViewer.

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