Class TinToDemThread

  extended byjava.lang.Thread
      extended byjwo.landserf.process.LSThread
          extended byjwo.landserf.process.TinToDemThread
All Implemented Interfaces:
JWInterruptionListener, Runnable

public class TinToDemThread
extends LSThread

Converts a TIN to DEM representation. Can either use planar or quadratic interpolation.

2.2, 26th February, 2004.
Jo Wood

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
TinToDemThread(GISFrame gisFrame, boolean doQuadratic)
          Converts a TIN into DEM representation.
Method Summary
 void doProcessing()
          Convert the TIN into DEM representation.
 RasterMap getDEM()
          Retrieves the newly created DEM.
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Constructor Detail


public TinToDemThread(GISFrame gisFrame,
                      boolean doQuadratic)
Converts a TIN into DEM representation. Can either use simple planar interpolation (gives triangular facets), or a smoother quadratic interpolation (can give overshoots and undershoots).

gisFrame - GUI containing TIN and DEM.
doQuadratic - Uses quadratic interpolation if true, otherwise planar.
Method Detail


public void doProcessing()
Convert the TIN into DEM representation. The resulting DEM can be retrieved via getDEM() or by calling gisFrame.getRaster1().

Note that this method will be called automatically if this is run as a threaded process (e.g. myTinToDemThread.start()). Alternatively it can be called directly as a non-threaded process.

Specified by:
doProcessing in class LSThread
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public RasterMap getDEM()
Retrieves the newly created DEM.

New DEM, or null if process yet to take place.

Copyright Jo Wood, 1996-2005, last modified, 11th March, 2005