Package jwo.landserf.process

Classes that perform significant analytical or processing tasks.


Interface Summary
Transformable Indicates that the class can transform the location represented by a footprint.

Class Summary
CombineThread Combines two spatial objects to create a new spatial object.
ContourThread Class for fitting contour lines through a gridded surface.
DeleteThread Deletes a spatial object from the GISFrame.
DemToTinThread Converts a DEM to TIN representation.
DispThread Displays the current spatial objects in the GIS frame.
FracSurfaceThread Calculates a fractal surface using spectral synthesis.
FuzzyFeatureThread Performs a fuzzy feature classification of a DEM.
LSThread Processing thread that times itself and allows messages to be logged.
OpenThread Opens a spatial file and places contents into a spatial object.
PeakClassificationThread Creates a new raster identifying peaks from a given DEM.
PitRemovalThread Detects pits in a DEM and creates a pitless surface.
PointDensityThread Calculates the point density of a given vector coverage.
PolySurfaceThread Calculates a polynomial surface.
ProjectionThread Reprojects a spatial object between coordinate systems.
RectifyThread Rectifies a raster map using the supplied transformable class.
SaveThread Saves the currently selected spatial object in the given format.
ScaleParamThread Calculates a given surface parameter over a range of scales and place the result back in the given GIS frame.
ScaleSurfParam Calculates surface parameters from a raster map over a range scales.
SurfaceFeatureThread Calculates surface features based on the relative drop method.
SurfNetwork Calculates a Wolf-Pfaltz Surface Network based on rasters containing elevation and surface features.
SurfNetworkThread Calculates a vector surface network from a raster elevation model and surface feature raster.
SurfParam Calculates surface parameters from a RasterMap object.
SurfParamThread Calculates a given surface parameter and adds the result back to the given GIS frame.
TinPointsThread Converts between a point collection and TIN in either direction.
TinToDemThread Converts a TIN to DEM representation.
TransRastThread Creates a new raster based on a transformation (scaling, translation, flooding, rounding and to/from null conversion) of an existing one.
UpdateThread Updates spatial objects after they have been edited.
VectorToRasterThread Performs a vector to raster transformation.
View3dThread Creates a 3d viewer for navigating surfaces.
VoidRemovalThread Removes voids from a raster by taking average of non-void neighbours.

Package jwo.landserf.process Description

Classes that perform significant analytical or processing tasks.

Most processing operations are threaded. This allows them to report their progress to the main GUI as well as allow several processes to operate simultaneously. Threaded processes should all inherit LSThread and contain their processing in an overridden doProcessing method.

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