The Matlab Club

a cool animation of a phagocyte done with Matlab

The Graduate School at City University London have launched “The Matlab Club”; an open activity for postgraduate students who are interested in developing their Matlab skills and expertise.

The objectives of The Matlab Club are:

  1. To develop the expertise of graduate students with Matlab, the fundamental software platform, which has become a de facto standard for programming in Academia and Industry.
  2. To create an academic environment where graduate students can discuss their research topics with other students as well as academics not directly in their research groups.
  3. To create an environment where graduate students can exchange their experiences about research, their research groups, City University London, and life in London and beyond.

The Matlab Club will concentrate on the development of skills to solve research problems. Therefore students all schools and research groups are welcome The common thread will be the use of Matlab in their academic and research projects.

The Matlab Club meets regularly in groups. All members of the club are allowed to propose topics, lead sessions and contribute with ideas, or simply attend to learn from the club. That is, if you have a problem that you think it could be solved by using Matlab, you can bring that to the club, explain it and we will try to solve it in group.

We will begin with a mixed group of Absolute Beginners and Improvers with tutorial sessions to introduce the basics of Matlab and a few more specific topic on graphics and statistics. This group would work towards giving the students confidence to tackle some generic problems of medium difficulty.

As interest develops we will create more levels of Matlab Improvers and Matlab Experts would have the confidence to take their own problems and discuss them in the settings of the group.

Time table

Date Time Room
10th December 2014 11:30-13:00 C301 (Tait Building)
14th January 2015 11:30-13:00 C301 (Tait Building)
4th February 2015 11:30-13:00 AG24 (College Building)
25 February 2015 11:30-13:00 EG03 (Drysdale Building)
18th March 2015 11:30-13:00 ELG05 (Drysdale Building)
22nd April 2015 11:30-13:00 ELG10 (Drysdale Building)
13th May 2015 11:30-13:00 EG07 (Drysdale Building)
3rd June 2015 11:30-13:00 EG07 (Drysdale Building)
Summer Break