Package jwo.landserf.gui3d

Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's 3d viewing user interface.


Interface Summary
CameraListener Interface for classes wishing to be informed of changes in camera viwing properties (position, field of view, direction etc.).
SnapshotListener Interface for objects that need to be informed when a snapshot has been taken.

Class Summary
About3d Displays general information about the 3d viewer.
Camera A 'camera' that can be moved within a 3D space.
GUI3d Creates GUI for viewing spatial objects in 3D.
ImageOutputBox Create a non-modal dialogue for controlling snapshot and animation output.
MovementBox Allows various movement settings to be controlled (rotation style, mouse sensitivity etc).
ScaleDrapeBox Allows selected levels of drape detail to be updated.
SurfaceDetailBox Allows surface detail texture to be controlled (texture to use, level of transparency, size etc).
SurfaceRenderer Creates and draws spatial objects in 3D coordinate space.
SurfNormals Calculates the surface normals of a gridded array.
VectAppearanceBox Allows vector appearance to be controlled.
View3d Class for storing 3d views and routes over a surface.

Package jwo.landserf.gui3d Description

Contains classes that create or modify LandSerf's 3d viewing user interface.

The main GUI window for the 3d viewer is GUI3d. The main OpenGL rendering is handled in SurfaceRenderer. These and several other classes in this package use the jogl OpenGL bindings to make OpenGL calls.

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