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The “Comments” section of the SAC website is intended for short statements or the text of talks, in contrast to the longer Occasional Papers. All the comments represent the personal opinions of the authors and are provided as a contribution to debate. Publication does not imply they are endorsed by the SAC membership collectively or individually.


  • The Question of the Malvinas or the Falkland Islands:
    A British Perspective.

    By Dr Dudley Ankerson, CMG, 14 October 2020.    web page
    An English translations of extracts from an interview in Spanish, by Clara Riveros, a Colombian journalist, published on the Fundamedios You Tube TV channel
  • Reflections on the South Atlantic and the South Atlantic Council:
    Past, Present and Future.

    By Malcolm Deas, Emeritus Fellow, St Antony’s College, Oxford, 14 January 2020.    web page
  • The Falkland/Malvinas Islands and the
    Right of Peoples to Self-Determination

    By Professor Marcelo Kohen, 17 October 2014     web page
    This Comment may be compared with the one below, by Professor Willetts.
  • The Asociación Civil Amigos Malvinas/Falklands (ACAMF)
    and the Promotion of Cross-Border Relationships at Citizen Level

    By Robin Wallis, 7 May 2014     web page
  • The British-Argentine long-lasting relationship
    Reflections on the Bicentenary of the May Revolution

    By Alan Tabbush, 17 August 2013     web page     or     PDF version
    This Comment updates a presentation made on 11 June 2010.
  • A Personal Perspective on the South Atlantic Conflict

    By Tom Jones, 16 July 2013     web page
  • The United Nations, Self-Determination and the Falkland Islands

    By Professor Peter Willetts, 8 March 2013
    Talk at a Public Meeting in Stanley     web page     or     PDF version
    This Comment may be compared with the one above, by Professor Kohen.
  • The South Atlantic Conflict – A Way Round?

    By Alan Tabbush, 8 February 2012     web page






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