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Position Statement, March 2004


  • The Council's objective is the furtherance of good and increasingly constructive relationships in the South Atlantic, in particular between Argentina and the Falkland Islands and the UK. The longer term challenge is a lasting solution to the South Atlantic dispute acceptable to all the parties.
  • The Council will continue to emphasize economic and cultural communities of interest.
  • The Council will work to consolidate continued respect for the agreements already made between the parties, as the basis for further steps forward in the relationship.
  • The sovereignty issue remains important and the Council will encourage the formulation of options for addressing the issue.
  • The Council will encourage analysis and better understanding of the political and emotional constraints on the positions of the respective parties.
  • The Council seeks to be well informed and to promote the spread of information on the range of issues affecting the relationship.
  • The Council will continue to support initiatives such as the Argentine British Conference which contribute to better mutual understanding of these issues.
  • The Council seeks to keep in close contact with relevant government, parliamentary and other policy forming institutions.
  • Membership of the Council is limited to fifty British nationals, with other associates and supporters contributing to regular policy discussions. Day to day management is the responsibility of the Executive Committee, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Adopted 7 February 2001.
    Minimally updated March 2004.





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