Getting Started

Before getting into the detailed instructions for using Interactive Drafting workbench, the following tutorial aims at giving you a feel of what you can do with the product. It provides a step-by-step scenario showing you how to use key functionalities. You just need to follow the instructions as you progress along.

The main tasks described in this section are the following:

Entering the Interactive Drafting Workbench
Creating a New View
Creating a Rectangle
Creating Corners
Creating Lines
Translating Lines
Creating Circles
Creating Dimensions
Creating Annotations


aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Before discovering this scenario, you should be familiar with the basic commands common to all workbenches. These are described in the Infrastructure User's Guide.
All together, the tasks should take about 30 minutes to complete.

The final drawing will look like this:

gsgettingstarted01.gif (7751 bytes)


Set the options in Tools -> Options -> Mechanical Design -> Drafting: setting the options properly improves the software performances (see Customizing).